Upcoming Workshop on Cancer with Mona Meyer Ph.D.

If you or someone you know is challenged by cancer, I highly recommend you consider taking this comprehensive online workshop with Mona Meyer Ph.D. Mona is a cancer researcher and gifted cancer coach who has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping people navigate through this complex journey.

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Cancer & Emotions: A Hidden World


Energetic Self Care

Every minute of every day, the energy systems that support your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are performing all sorts of tasks to try and keep you in balance. Have you ever consciously felt any one of the systems as it does its work? It is indeed rare when we are aware of all the energetic effort that goes on to infuse the body with the power to be alive.

We marinate in energies of the Earth and the cosmos that can be very supportive of life, but at times can also be detrimental.   Just think about the moment of birth and all the hard work you did to process all the sounds, lights, smells and other subtle sensations when you popped out from the safety of your mother’s belly. The overwhelming avalanche of energies was there at the moment of birth and continues to be there through your whole life, yet only a handful of us are taught to nurture these energies in support of our physical body.

The good news is that anybody can start energetic practices at any age. Whether you begin Tai-Chi lessons, Qigong training, or Yoga, with practice you will become aware of the many energetic systems which support your body. There are meridians running through your tissues that deliver energy to all of your organs; your chakras spin energies and support endocrine functions; your biofield known as the aura processes what comes in and out of your field; and your inner healers known as the Radiant Circuits, monitor energetic deficiencies and excesses for quick redistribution. You are built for balance, you are created for strength, vitality and joy but you are also built to face the many physical challenges like illness, stress, accidents or emotional triggers that can scramble your fields.

Energetic imbalances can compromise your wellness and diminish your quality of life. But thankfully it is within your power to reduce or even eliminate these imbalances by practicing self-care. Doing so leads you to self discovery.

Simple self-care can start from learning how to breathe properly.  Adding a little smile to everything you do can help send powerful signals to your brain to keep your nervous system relaxed. A good belly laugh is like an internal gym for your organs.

In Eden Energy Medicine we explore self-care techniques deeply, teaching people how to maintain balance between all energy systems and how to reap precious vitality from that balance. We teach how to self test to know where energetic imbalances hide and how to correct them. Taking care of yourself becomes a task of love. The benefits of energy practice multiply further by affecting others around you.  When we are strong, radiant and resilient, people around us feel better.

Become familiar with an energetic routine and by practicing daily you can live an extraordinary life, repel negative energies and feel in sync with the Universe.

If you’re curious as to what you might expect, here’s a few examples from people who practice self care:

First thing I did when I woke up were the 4 thumps and the other morning after energy routine exercises I decided to end with the “Connecting Heaven and Earth” exercise. The energy started to pour through me along with the tears of joy down my face. All stiffness gone!”

“One day, on my trip into the forest, I stopped to hug a mighty tree.  When I hug a tree, I usually face it and weave my arms around its’ trunk.

This time, I supported the back of my body against the tree to enjoy the sunshine. I closed my eyes. At that moment, the ground under my feet began to move. My body got elevated and then put down. It felt like a breath, a deep inhale and a slow exhale. To experience this sensation deeper, I synchronized my own breath with the earth and the tree. I felt amazed by the unity between the living things, a human being, the earth, and the pine tree. 

My body remained supported by the tree trunk. The feeling of euphoria continued. I felt joy, happiness, and tranquility. I had received an injection of vitality.”

I totally enjoy my personal energy routine and I sleep like a baby. It’s been a long time since…. And believe me, I will continue to learn and grow with these practices… it feels fantastic, and I will share with my friends.”


Spring Cleaning – Eva Style

Spring is here and spring cleaning is a fabulous habit! Remember how well it feels when the windows are clean, unnecessary stuff removed and fresh air sweeps through every room? Your own body can feel that good!!!! This season treat your body as your home and practice your inner spring cleaning. Follow me by tracing your meridians, one at a time. Not only will this help get your energies flowing, it will help refresh and rebalance your body’s internal energy pathways. Have fun and do it every day!

Spring Into the Light!

Original Artwork by Jane Lowbeer

Do you feel suddenly excited about new possibilities? Do you feel like you’re being ‘pulled up’ by the light – the light of spring? Many of us do! Such is the power of spring season which is considered part of the WOOD element in the Chinese tradition.

Before we can really experience the unusual and quick “wake up” from winter sluggishness our bodies will often go through a few week period of discomforts. Many people get a simple cold, some get indigestion, while others can’t seem to shake down a general sense of agitation.

The energy of spring is uprising; excited and moving upward but sometimes chaotic and disturbing.  From heavy winds to the seesaw of temperatures, from cold rain or snow one day and warm sun the next, the weather outside can be dramatic and throw us into a state of frustration. As it is with weather outside it is with our bodies inside!  We imitate nature because we are nature.

Spring is about speed, competition and clarity. Energy is available for planning, seeing the big picture of life, and clever judgment.  After a few weeks of transition life buzzes with creative energy because spring wakes up motivation in us.

Everything stretches its head towards the light. Light is life.

Have you noticed that New Year’s resolutions do not hold for long? That’s because there is no percolating power to support those resolutions. There is no strength to move forward or carry on. But spring resolutions have great power as energy is there to support our ideas and endeavors.

Observe what you are pulled towards. What thoughts keep bubbling up? What desires suddenly well up inside you out of the blue?  It is from your depths that a force raises you up and demands action. It may even feel like an inner shout. Things we plan in spring have a chance to materialize themselves sometimes effortlessly. Take advantage of this rhythm within you. It will masterfully affect your whole year so you can reap the best rewards later.

The Liver and Gallbladder organs and meridians are most active during springtime. Remember, your liver performs over 500 functions in your body, like blood regulation, toxin breakdown, and metabolism of carbs, proteins and fats. It also contributes to your immunity from harmful intruders.  In energy terms the liver system supports smooth flow of blood and energy. The smoother the flow, the better emotional and physical balance you have. Continue reading “Spring Into the Light!”

Changing Moods of Winter

The winter season may seem energetically passive and in many ways it is.  Shorter days, reduced natural light, cold temperatures and less color all affect us. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy winter sports and shoveling snow you might find yourself trapped indoors.

Wintertime changes how we feel, what we eat, how we sleep, where we travel, who we spend time with and activities we do. Being tired becomes the norm and it’s easy to complain of lack of vitality, energy and stamina. You may even notice a strong desire to withdraw from your social activities.  Our productivity drops and the exhaustion from day to day living can become overwhelming. Yet these are not symptoms of sickness– we are simply in a slower state forced by nature to protect our reserves, to recuperate, to relax and hibernate for few months.

Nature has its way – and it is very persistent!  If you do not follow natures’ agenda in winter your body will drain itself from the little energy it has and you will increase your chances of getting sick. Winter invites you to rest and recuperate. Its rhythm has a slower pace. Winter recharges your life batteries by slowing you down.

This is the time to dive into your inner-self. This is the time to be less action oriented and more internally focused. Being quiet in the winter is in harmony with its rhythm. Winter is when I most enjoy listening to music in solitude and when I allow harmonious notes take me into the world of imagination. Before I go to sleep I love listening to the Shakuhachi flute. The frequency of the energy transmitted through the Shakuhachi helps to tune our frequency and brings us to a place of peace and calm.

Continue reading “Changing Moods of Winter”

Online Finance Class for EEM Students 

The Business of Energy Medicine with Financial Wiz Monique! 

I am extremely pleased to let you know about a very special live ZOOM class presented by Monique, a small-business consultant and money wiz!



Get your business finances organized for 2019

TOPICS include:

  • How to get and stay organized in your personal/business taxes
  • General financial tips
  • Great software recommendations to help with invoicing for clients and keeping track of your expenses
  •  The personal side of saving,  budgeting, and dealing with credit
  •  Other topics of interest and time for your personal questions

This is certain to be a very valuable training event you do not want to miss!

The class is available on two different dates:


Tuesday, January 29th at 7:00 pm to 7:45 Eastern and

Monday, February 4th at 6:00 pm to 6:45 Eastern.

To sign up for either class contact Eva!


20,000 Times A Day

By Janice Skinner

Janice is a yoga teacher and a psychotherapist, she emphasizes the exploration of bodymind wisdom and cultivating relationship with our Essential Nature.

Considering you breathe approximately 20,000 times a day and that the quality of your breathing has a direct correlation to how you feel, think, digest, and sleep…. I think it’s worth paying attention to.

Working with your breath is medicinal. Dedication to understanding & deepening connection to breath can offer up the following benefits:
* boosts immunity
* lowers blood pressure
* helps insomnia
* lowers oxidative stress that causes aging
* lowers anxiety, overthinking, pain
* balances the nervous system
* impacts physiology & cellular health
* unites body, mind & soul

How you breathe is largely affected by emotional reactions to life, plus your posture and habits have an effect. How you breathe is also an indicator of longevity and general health. Poor breathing puts you at risk for, or exacerbates a host of imbalances:
* low energy
* acidity (imbalance in your chemical composition which can eventually cause a host of medical disorders)
* sleep issues
* hypertension
* increased pain
* digestive issues
* spinal health issues
* hyperarousal of nervous system
* cognitive issues – difficulty concentrating, memory

Continue reading “20,000 Times A Day”

The Energy of Smile

Your smile carries a very powerful energy. This summer, when walking down the street a random person smiled wholeheartedly in my direction leaving me blissfully transformed for a moment. I felt the positive force multiply in my heart creating a lovely sensation of softness and ease. My eyes filled  with radiant light and in no time, I was perfectly content. One innocent smile from a stranger generated a series of smiles I in turn naturally sent to others.

As my face beamed out a radiant smile to the public, I felt my whole body smiling within. Whoever came across my path was gifted a smile as I had been gifted a moment before. From the innocent smile of a stranger a simple positive message nested in my heart which I carried through the rest of the day.

In some cultures, a smile is considered a powerful pacifier to the nervous system. When we smile our parasympathetic nervous system overrides tension and stress.

The energy of smile carries a high vibration.  Your heart picks up energy of smile and quickly infuses its message on every cell as it pumps oxygenated blood around your body.

There are many simple gifts one can receive practicing conscious smile. In EEM we focus on Radiant Circuits and use energy of the smile to create inner peace and balance, and to experience a natural sense of joy.

Radiant Circuits can be compared to inner healers whose function is to regulate the flow of energy in meridians. When there is an unimpeded flow of energy through all the organs, tissues and cells it’s much easier to overcome everyday physical, mental and emotional challenges.

One of my favorite balancing techniques is the “smile meditation” I have learned from practicing chi gong. It helped me create a conscious connection with my inner organs and made me feel like there was a whole universe of relationships inside of me. Exploring those relationships opened me to deeper insights about life and my purpose.


If you would like to try, follow the simple steps listed below.


Tune into your 3rd eye and see happy, smiling energy reaching out to you. Breathe in and out. Feel the inner-embrace of your smile and direct its energy to your heart.

Hold your tongue at the soft pallet and smile to your yin organs (liver, pericardium, spleen, lungs and kidney) one by one according to the 5 elements cycle (see the list below).

Focus on your HEART

Lay your hands on your heart in the middle of the chest and slightly to the left. As you smile to your heart put a positive message inside it. For instance: forgiveness, joy, peace, appreciation, or gratitude. Make your heart peaceful, soft, and loving. Feel your lips smiling.

Smile to your yin organs in order:

HEART TO LIVER: With one hand on the heart and the other on the liver envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your liver on the right side of your body under the ribs. See your liver smiling back to your heart. Stay here for a few breaths.

HEART TO PERICARDIUM: With both hands on the heart envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to the pericardium (heart’s protective sac). The heart and pericardium are situated behind the sternum. Pericardium is considered a “coolant” to the heart, a protector of the heart. See your pericardium smiling back to your heart. Stay here for a few breaths. Enjoy the peace of the moment.

HEART TO SPLEEN:> With one hand on the heart and the other on the spleen envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your spleen on the left side of your body under the ribcage. See your spleen smiling back to your heart. Feel open and accepting of this inner connection. Hold your tongue at the soft pallet as your mouth holds a soft smile.

HEART TO LUNGS: With both hands flat across the upper chest envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your lungs. Breathe in and out tenderly seeing your lungs relax. As your lungs open up fully see them emanating the energy of smile to your heart. Heart and lungs are the closest neighbours among the yin organs. Peaceful breath, peaceful heart.

HEART TO KIDNEY (last step): With one hand on the heart and the other hand on the right kidney envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your kidney on the right side of your back in line with your elbows. Take a few breaths. Feel the right kidney smile back to your heart. Switch hands. Send a smile from your heart to your left kidney (in line with your elbows and next to your spine). Send smile energy from your left kidney to your heart. Feel the gentleness of this moment. Take a few breaths.

End with both hands on your heart.  Keep a good message in its center. Feel embraced by love. Bathe your organs with gratitude. This is your inner universe. You are never alone. Feel the inner joy and strength. Feel your inner sanctuary.