Become Just Like a Butterfly – Breathe in the Aroma of Summer!

Within the first 10 seconds of life outside of the womb, we take our first breath. Nobody actually teaches us how to breath and yet it is a complex system essential to life. The health of every cell in the body depends on this crucial exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. So even though we did just fine taking that first breath, stress, pain, emotions, blocked passages, unfriendly climate, sickness, and other circumstances may change our breathing pattern to one that is far from optimal.

If you recognize that stress or any one of those factors listed is affecting you, now is a good time to check-in on your breathing. Summertime delivers many opportunities to be with nature. You can even use these seasonal opportunities to train your body to have a deep and balanced breath. Whether you are in the woods, or walking along the ocean surf, use nature to train your body for wellness. From anxiety to pain you can ease down the magnitude of suffering, simply by conscious breathing.

Here’s a neat experiment you can try on yourself: Inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth. Don’t force it, just let it be natural. Notice how deep or shallow your inhalation is, and how quickly or slowly you exhale. Next, find a plant or flower with a gentle aroma. Assuming you are not allergic to it, repeat the test. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Notice how deep you breathe in when the scent of the flower or even a summer berry touches your nose. Notice how your exhale slows, and how peaceful you become. You may even notice how hungry you become for the next delicious breath. Enjoy your discovery. Your olfactory bulb will remember the pleasure of deep and balanced breathing. The skill will be very useful when you find yourself in pain or other stressful situations. Find an aroma you enjoy, and slowly, deeply, breath it in…letting go slowly, evenly.

I personally cannot get enough of breathing in the fragrances of summer. The smell of the ocean, the scent of the rain and the fresh aroma of every tree on my hiking path calls me closer. Often I’ll stop to take a deep, luxurious inhale of a flower poking its head out from my garden. As I consciously breathe in, I imagine every cell in my body accepting the gift. I hope you will try it too! Remember though, some plants can be too strong for you to take in their aroma so start your conscious summer breathing experiment with plants you already know and enjoy.

Let us know how your breathing experiment goes, we’d all love to hear from you!

Your Vagus Nerve is an Energetic Healing Pathway to Optimal Wellbeing

Bring to your mind a teacher that really inspired you. Learning from that teacher was pure bliss. Teachers like that are precious seeds that bloom through you by passing their knowledge and influencing your future.  Maybe that extraordinary teacher was able to move you from being not very interested in a topic to it becoming your main passion in life. A good teacher shines like a diamond in the classroom. You know when their love for the topic bursts out of them in the most exquisite way and ignites a passion in you to learn more.

Dr. Melanie Smith is exactly one of those teachers! She was my teacher a few years back and she impressed me with her knowledge, generous heart and incredible kindness.

On Saturday, July 24th, The Shift Network is hosting a FREE online event with Dr. Melanie and I truly believe it’s a topic important for you to explore as it may have a huge influence on your well-being!  She will be discussing in detail, methods to tap into your vagus nerve, using techniques from TCM and energy medicine.

To have a taste of Dr. Melanie’s wonderful teaching style please register for the online event which is coming soon! I know I’ll be there!

For more information or to register for this FREE event, Click here! 

Upcoming Workshop on Cancer with Mona Meyer Ph.D.

If you or someone you know is challenged by cancer, I highly recommend you consider taking this comprehensive online workshop with Mona Meyer Ph.D. Mona is a cancer researcher and gifted cancer coach who has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping people navigate through this complex journey.

To register for the course or to find out more, please visit:

Cancer & Emotions: A Hidden World


Energetic Self Care

Every minute of every day, the energy systems that support your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are performing all sorts of tasks to try and keep you in balance. Have you ever consciously felt any one of the systems as it does its work? It is indeed rare when we are aware of all the energetic effort that goes on to infuse the body with the power to be alive.

We marinate in energies of the Earth and the cosmos that can be very supportive of life, but at times can also be detrimental.   Just think about the moment of birth and all the hard work you did to process all the sounds, lights, smells and other subtle sensations when you popped out from the safety of your mother’s belly. The overwhelming avalanche of energies was there at the moment of birth and continues to be there through your whole life, yet only a handful of us are taught to nurture these energies in support of our physical body.

The good news is that anybody can start energetic practices at any age. Whether you begin Tai-Chi lessons, Qigong training, or Yoga, with practice you will become aware of the many energetic systems which support your body. There are meridians running through your tissues that deliver energy to all of your organs; your chakras spin energies and support endocrine functions; your biofield known as the aura processes what comes in and out of your field; and your inner healers known as the Radiant Circuits, monitor energetic deficiencies and excesses for quick redistribution. You are built for balance, you are created for strength, vitality and joy but you are also built to face the many physical challenges like illness, stress, accidents or emotional triggers that can scramble your fields.

Energetic imbalances can compromise your wellness and diminish your quality of life. But thankfully it is within your power to reduce or even eliminate these imbalances by practicing self-care. Doing so leads you to self discovery.

Simple self-care can start from learning how to breathe properly.  Adding a little smile to everything you do can help send powerful signals to your brain to keep your nervous system relaxed. A good belly laugh is like an internal gym for your organs.

In Eden Energy Medicine we explore self-care techniques deeply, teaching people how to maintain balance between all energy systems and how to reap precious vitality from that balance. We teach how to self test to know where energetic imbalances hide and how to correct them. Taking care of yourself becomes a task of love. The benefits of energy practice multiply further by affecting others around you.  When we are strong, radiant and resilient, people around us feel better.

Become familiar with an energetic routine and by practicing daily you can live an extraordinary life, repel negative energies and feel in sync with the Universe.

If you’re curious as to what you might expect, here’s a few examples from people who practice self care:

First thing I did when I woke up were the 4 thumps and the other morning after energy routine exercises I decided to end with the “Connecting Heaven and Earth” exercise. The energy started to pour through me along with the tears of joy down my face. All stiffness gone!”

“One day, on my trip into the forest, I stopped to hug a mighty tree.  When I hug a tree, I usually face it and weave my arms around its’ trunk.

This time, I supported the back of my body against the tree to enjoy the sunshine. I closed my eyes. At that moment, the ground under my feet began to move. My body got elevated and then put down. It felt like a breath, a deep inhale and a slow exhale. To experience this sensation deeper, I synchronized my own breath with the earth and the tree. I felt amazed by the unity between the living things, a human being, the earth, and the pine tree. 

My body remained supported by the tree trunk. The feeling of euphoria continued. I felt joy, happiness, and tranquility. I had received an injection of vitality.”

I totally enjoy my personal energy routine and I sleep like a baby. It’s been a long time since…. And believe me, I will continue to learn and grow with these practices… it feels fantastic, and I will share with my friends.”