You Are Energy:

Your body, mind and emotions are all forms of energy in motion. Sometimes that energy can become out of balance, creating health challenges.

Energy Practice:

Can help restore balance, leading to an improved quality of life. The harmonious flow of electromagnetic and subtle energies through your body promotes self healing, vitality, and will bring joy into your life.

Energy Medicine:

Is a method of combining both ancient and modern healing techniques, which are easy to learn and practice by anyone, at any age, anywhere! There are many different modalities that can be considered as ‘Energy Medicine.’ Follow us to discover what we found are the best.


 Official Daily Routine for Balance, Strength and Vitality

Follow me with the 5 Minute Daily Energy Routine!

Day 10 of the Daily Energy Routine Challenge with Eva G…

Welcome to DAY 10 of the 28-DAY DAILY ENERGY ROUTINE CHALLENGE!Today, join EEMCP faculty member Eva Gold from The Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, Arizona! This is the location where EEM staff, faculty, and students gather quarterly to learn, share, and grow together.Now that we are sitting within Week 2 of the DER Challenge, we'd love to see a photo of YOU in action! We're going to start a photo album called “DER Around the World Photo Gallery”! A few of us are already in there… so have a peek!For details about submitting your DER photo to us (via email ONLY please), to access our optional before-and-after survey, and for more information on the Daily Energy Routine and this challenge, click here: http://signup.innersource.net/challenge/If you love this and want more Eden Energy Medicine, click here:http://www.innersource.net/em/foundations-home.htmlFrom the entire Eden Energy Medicine team, we are so happy to know you are choosing to join us. Here's to your radiant joy, vitality, and health!

Posted by Eden Energy Medicine Programs on Friday, February 10, 2017

Is 2018 your year to discover Energy Medicine at a location near you?