Kamloops Foundations Classes 2016-2017

Students will develop the skills to cultivate good health, overcome illnesses, and add powerful tools to any modality they already practice. They will gain a solid understanding of the principles of energetic healing, as well as learn the skills to assess and balance the energy systems we work with in Eden Energy Medicine. The Foundations program provides a creative environment for students to engage in hands-on activities to develop strong therapeutic skills in EEM techniques. At the end of the Foundations year, participants will have a solid understanding of how energetic imbalances are expressed in the body and emotions as well as the ability to conduct successful sessions with long-lasting results.


  • Class 1: May 27 to May 30 2016
  • Class 2: Aug 19 to Aug 27 2016
  • Class 3: Nov 11 to Nov 14 2016
  • Class 4: Feb 03 to Feb 06 2017