20,000 Times A Day

By Janice Skinner

Janice is a yoga teacher and a psychotherapist, she emphasizes the exploration of bodymind wisdom and cultivating relationship with our Essential Nature.

Considering you breathe approximately 20,000 times a day and that the quality of your breathing has a direct correlation to how you feel, think, digest, and sleep…. I think it’s worth paying attention to.

Working with your breath is medicinal. Dedication to understanding & deepening connection to breath can offer up the following benefits:
* boosts immunity
* lowers blood pressure
* helps insomnia
* lowers oxidative stress that causes aging
* lowers anxiety, overthinking, pain
* balances the nervous system
* impacts physiology & cellular health
* unites body, mind & soul

How you breathe is largely affected by emotional reactions to life, plus your posture and habits have an effect. How you breathe is also an indicator of longevity and general health. Poor breathing puts you at risk for, or exacerbates a host of imbalances:
* low energy
* acidity (imbalance in your chemical composition which can eventually cause a host of medical disorders)
* sleep issues
* hypertension
* increased pain
* digestive issues
* spinal health issues
* hyperarousal of nervous system
* cognitive issues – difficulty concentrating, memory

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