Different Ways To Engage in Energy Work

Custom Seminars and Workshops

Over the last 15 years, I have conducted workshops for people of all ages, from all walks of life, and of varying group sizes. Whether you're a healthcare organization, a corporate team looking to enhance the wellness of your coworkers, or a community group eager to explore energy interventions and benefits my Energy Medicine workshops are tailored to your needs. Under my supervision, you can learn with joy and become engaged in your self care using various energy techniques designed to re-balance the body. Some seminars can take place via zoom.

Individual Healing Session

Whether you are seeking an energetic ‘tune up’ or are currently observing specific health issues, Energy Medicine is a very effective tool in recognizing root issues and influencing body systems to work in harmony. This particular method is based on testing all energy systems and bringing them back to organized flow. Using specific techniques and exercises helps redirect energy flow and return the body to optimal functioning. Some imbalances can be very simple to resolve and some are more complex requiring multiple sessions and/or Zoom consultations. Every individual session is supported by specific exercises which are easy to perform at home.

Energy Therapy Coaching

Elevate your Energy Healing Practice with personal coaching that focuses on your particular needs! I listen and guide you towards achieving desired results. I specialize in supporting energy practitioners in using different energy systems for different imbalances. There are many effective techniques you can use to support your clients wellness and to create an ongoing relationship with them as you provide quality service. Plus, I provide invaluable insights to your personal energy levels ensuring you're at your best to serve others. Elevating your skills and achieving success in the world of energy healing is a transformative process. Notice what you need and allow yourself to expand.

Student Mentoring

There are many levels of training in Energy Medicine. Whether you need more input as you conduct a session, or more insight on a singular energy system I will support your needs in person or via zoom. Every level of energy training brings different challenges. Under sharp supervision you can expand the pool of your skills and evolve into an independent therapist people want to work with.


You’re the healer! I am a detective of where thre are energy blockages. During the session we find blockages, open the flow. Your job is to maintain that flow…to stimulate your body back to self-regulation.

One hour to 90 minutes. It involves testing energies, supporting the flow, and giving precise ‘homework to support the change.

Energy Medicine  is not based on any beliefs. It’s based on the lifeforce needing to move through the body and bring balance to all energy systems that support our physicality.

Anyone can learn to become an energy healer…anybody can practice. The more you practice, the better you are.

No, the only gift I have is the passion to help people understand energy systems in the body and how to use them to create balance everyday.

Come wearing lose-fitting clothing for comfort…You need to be okay with being touched as many of the techniques I use are hands-on.

Some people heal quickly, some take time…it s important….in EW we are bringing bodies back to balance so it can flow freely…

I will be giving you homework to do…these are simple self-care exercises in support of the energy systems we were working on. You will to return at least once after your initial session to check ….etc

Yes. Once I get to know your basic energies through an in-person session,then we can do  remote sessions…If we can’t meet in person, remote sessions are possible but you will need to learn how to ‘self-test’ your energies so we can focus on the systems that need attention

Absolutely! It’s wonderful to work with animals.  But my specialty is working on people. There are some healers who specialize in animal care.