Therapy with Eva

Personalized Energy Medicine Session

Whether you are coming for an energetic ‘tune up’ or you have already developed a health concern, Energy Medicine can be a very effective tool along your path of wellness. This particular therapy can address a wide variety of energetic imbalances. Some can be very simple, needing a one-time recalibration, and some are more complex requiring multiple sessions and/or ZOOM consultations.

What you should know:

  • Sessions normally last around 90 minutes
  • You remain fully clothed during the session
  • We work together in a warm, safe, quiet environment
  • Energetic imbalances are assessed through meridian muscle testing
  • Educating you in self-healing methods is a key component of our session
  • You can choose to come weekly, monthly, seasonally, or just once!
  • I am located in downtown Toronto, Ontario

Prescriptions for Healing

One of the beautiful things about energy therapy is that the healing process doesn’t just occur during the session– we actually go to great lengths to educate you in simple to learn and easy to use techniques and exercises which are known as ‘prescriptions.’
Our work together is a partnership. Together, we recognize your current imbalances and I guide you what to do about them. The skills you learn will eventually help prevent health issues before they arise.

Ongoing Support

Every client is supported with clear explanations of their exercises and if required, printed reference guides. I design a personalized energy routine for you based on your current imbalances. We monitor your shifts in energy together, adjusting the exercises according to your progress. You can also choose to meet with me on Zoom for follow-up sessions and ongoing support.

Zoom Sessions

If you find yourself unable to see me in person, we can always schedule a session online. For several years now, I have been sharing Energy Medicine skills across the globe using Zoom. My clients love the flexibility of being able to connect with me at their convenience. Although nothing beats an ‘in-person’ session, Zoom sessions can be of great benefit to clarify homework prescriptions and speed up the healing process. 

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