Changing Moods of Winter

The winter season may seem energetically passive and in many ways it is.  Shorter days, reduced natural light, cold temperatures and less color all affect us. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy winter sports and shoveling snow you might find yourself trapped indoors.

Wintertime changes how we feel, what we eat, how we sleep, where we travel, who we spend time with and activities we do. Being tired becomes the norm and it’s easy to complain of lack of vitality, energy and stamina. You may even notice a strong desire to withdraw from your social activities.  Our productivity drops and the exhaustion from day to day living can become overwhelming. Yet these are not symptoms of sickness– we are simply in a slower state forced by nature to protect our reserves, to recuperate, to relax and hibernate for few months.

Nature has its way – and it is very persistent!  If you do not follow natures’ agenda in winter your body will drain itself from the little energy it has and you will increase your chances of getting sick. Winter invites you to rest and recuperate. Its rhythm has a slower pace. Winter recharges your life batteries by slowing you down.

This is the time to dive into your inner-self. This is the time to be less action oriented and more internally focused. Being quiet in the winter is in harmony with its rhythm. Winter is when I most enjoy listening to music in solitude and when I allow harmonious notes take me into the world of imagination. Before I go to sleep I love listening to the Shakuhachi flute. The frequency of the energy transmitted through the Shakuhachi helps to tune our frequency and brings us to a place of peace and calm.

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