Spring Into the Light!

Original Artwork by Jane Lowbeer

Do you feel suddenly excited about new possibilities? Do you feel like you’re being ‘pulled up’ by the light – the light of spring? Many of us do! Such is the power of spring season which is considered part of the WOOD element in the Chinese tradition.

Before we can really experience the unusual and quick “wake up” from winter sluggishness our bodies will often go through a few week period of discomforts. Many people get a simple cold, some get indigestion, while others can’t seem to shake down a general sense of agitation.

The energy of spring is uprising; excited and moving upward but sometimes chaotic and disturbing.  From heavy winds to the seesaw of temperatures, from cold rain or snow one day and warm sun the next, the weather outside can be dramatic and throw us into a state of frustration. As it is with weather outside it is with our bodies inside!  We imitate nature because we are nature.

Spring is about speed, competition and clarity. Energy is available for planning, seeing the big picture of life, and clever judgment.  After a few weeks of transition life buzzes with creative energy because spring wakes up motivation in us.

Everything stretches its head towards the light. Light is life.

Have you noticed that New Year’s resolutions do not hold for long? That’s because there is no percolating power to support those resolutions. There is no strength to move forward or carry on. But spring resolutions have great power as energy is there to support our ideas and endeavors.

Observe what you are pulled towards. What thoughts keep bubbling up? What desires suddenly well up inside you out of the blue?  It is from your depths that a force raises you up and demands action. It may even feel like an inner shout. Things we plan in spring have a chance to materialize themselves sometimes effortlessly. Take advantage of this rhythm within you. It will masterfully affect your whole year so you can reap the best rewards later.

The Liver and Gallbladder organs and meridians are most active during springtime. Remember, your liver performs over 500 functions in your body, like blood regulation, toxin breakdown, and metabolism of carbs, proteins and fats. It also contributes to your immunity from harmful intruders.  In energy terms the liver system supports smooth flow of blood and energy. The smoother the flow, the better emotional and physical balance you have. Continue reading “Spring Into the Light!”