Connecting Heaven and Earth – A Deeper Look

ONE of the most popular exercises in Energy Medicine as taught by Donna Eden has many more benefits than meets the eye. “Connecting Heaven and Earth” is an exercise that is simple to learn and simple to practice that promotes stretching and movement of energy through the joints. Donna believes it can help prevent arthritis.

Let’s take a deeper look into this whole-body practice.
If you have done the exercise already, then you’ll know that it is crucial to point the palm of one hand to the sky above (Heaven) and simultaneously point the palm of the other hand down to the Earth below.

As we do Connecting Heaven and Earth we mostly focus on the benefits of stretching but did you know that there is a very wise reason for the palms to be exposed to the forces above and below? These are the forces of Heaven and Earth. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the term ‘Heaven’ as it is simply a poetic name used to describe the cosmos or universe above and around us. Just imagine our beautiful planet floating, spinning, and rotating through space. Heaven is above our heads but also under our feet. We are immersed in energies of the universe day and night. It is a mighty force which holds us in space and is charging our batteries! Human beings receive a positive charge from the cosmos. We call this charge Yang. The negative charge enters the body from Earth through the soles of the feet. We call that negative charge Yin.
When we practice Connecting Heaven and Earth we are telling our body to open and receive Yin and Yang forces. The palm stretching up soaks in Yang (positive charge) energies from the cosmos and the palm facing down soaks in Yin (negative charge) energies form the Earth. As we stretch we are making space for stagnant energies to move out and release. We also exercise all of the meridians and replenish them with a positive and negative charges that will get circulated through the body to balance deficiencies and excess. The Liver and Spleen meridians benefit greatly from this exercise, yet Heart and Lung meridians get a good workout too. When we bend forward to hang like a rag doll our spine gets a nice stretch but also our Bladder meridian releases accumulated tension.

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EEM Foundations Program FINALLY coming to Atlantic Canada!

Finally, Finally, Finally WE DID IT!!!

One of the best programs in the field of Energy Medicine is making its debut in St John, New Brunswick this spring. Atlantic Canada has been waiting for many years to have its own EEM Foundations Classes. During the last four years, we have been trying to support local communities with quality energy education and ideas for balance and wellness in the Maritimes. This year students are finally getting to attend Foundations classes near home, which is so very beneficial. With minimal travel costs the program is more affordable. No jet lag to deal with, no exhaustion and no wasted time. For me, I get a great chance to travel to a beautiful part of Canada four times a year and share Donna’s most sought after ideas of healing. I can’t wait!
Sue Hooper, my assistant and the pioneering EEM practitioner from Hampton, NB put a lot of energy to help make things happen. She popularized Eden Energy Medicine in New Brunswick offering all kinds of classes and providing EEM sessions at Lifestyles Health and Wellness Centre. Sue will be the TA for our Foundations class this year. She is fun to work with and she has a beautiful way of sharing her knowledge and skills. As a Foundations student in Toronto four years ago, she is very aware of the hustle of travel, hotels, and being in a new city. It was our dream to bring Eden Energy Medicine Education closer to her home and give other people a chance to study with financial ease, joy and comfort. And now, in 2018 our dream has come true!

Tapping for Success

Energy Medicine is my specialty, and I believe it to be one of the most effective methods of rebalancing ones energy which leads to an overall improvement in your life. At we want  to promote, discuss and experience all sorts of different healing modalities. One such modality is known as ‘Tapping.’ It’s also known as ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’, or EFT for short.  My colleague, Penny Norkett is a successful coach in this fascinating method and  she has created an online summit beginning March 12th. In a series of interviews  Penny  and her guests (myself included) discuss success stories and how the Tapping method can be used to enhance anyone’s journey towards success in all areas of life. Please join us for this inspiring and FREE summit. You can find out more information and sign up here!