EEM Foundations Program FINALLY coming to Atlantic Canada!

Finally, Finally, Finally WE DID IT!!!

One of the best programs in the field of Energy Medicine is making its debut in St John, New Brunswick this spring. Atlantic Canada has been waiting for many years to have its own EEM Foundations Classes. During the last four years, we have been trying to support local communities with quality energy education and ideas for balance and wellness in the Maritimes. This year students are finally getting to attend Foundations classes near home, which is so very beneficial. With minimal travel costs the program is more affordable. No jet lag to deal with, no exhaustion and no wasted time. For me, I get a great chance to travel to a beautiful part of Canada four times a year and share Donna’s most sought after ideas of healing. I can’t wait!
Sue Hooper, my assistant and the pioneering EEM practitioner from Hampton, NB put a lot of energy to help make things happen. She popularized Eden Energy Medicine in New Brunswick offering all kinds of classes and providing EEM sessions at Lifestyles Health and Wellness Centre. Sue will be the TA for our Foundations class this year. She is fun to work with and she has a beautiful way of sharing her knowledge and skills. As a Foundations student in Toronto four years ago, she is very aware of the hustle of travel, hotels, and being in a new city. It was our dream to bring Eden Energy Medicine Education closer to her home and give other people a chance to study with financial ease, joy and comfort. And now, in 2018 our dream has come true!

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