20,000 Times A Day

By Janice Skinner

Janice is a yoga teacher and a psychotherapist, she emphasizes the exploration of bodymind wisdom and cultivating relationship with our Essential Nature.

Considering you breathe approximately 20,000 times a day and that the quality of your breathing has a direct correlation to how you feel, think, digest, and sleep…. I think it’s worth paying attention to.

Working with your breath is medicinal. Dedication to understanding & deepening connection to breath can offer up the following benefits:
* boosts immunity
* lowers blood pressure
* helps insomnia
* lowers oxidative stress that causes aging
* lowers anxiety, overthinking, pain
* balances the nervous system
* impacts physiology & cellular health
* unites body, mind & soul

How you breathe is largely affected by emotional reactions to life, plus your posture and habits have an effect. How you breathe is also an indicator of longevity and general health. Poor breathing puts you at risk for, or exacerbates a host of imbalances:
* low energy
* acidity (imbalance in your chemical composition which can eventually cause a host of medical disorders)
* sleep issues
* hypertension
* increased pain
* digestive issues
* spinal health issues
* hyperarousal of nervous system
* cognitive issues – difficulty concentrating, memory

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The Energy of Smile

Your smile carries a very powerful energy. This summer, when walking down the street a random person smiled wholeheartedly in my direction leaving me blissfully transformed for a moment. I felt the positive force multiply in my heart creating a lovely sensation of softness and ease. My eyes filled  with radiant light and in no time, I was perfectly content. One innocent smile from a stranger generated a series of smiles I in turn naturally sent to others.

As my face beamed out a radiant smile to the public, I felt my whole body smiling within. Whoever came across my path was gifted a smile as I had been gifted a moment before. From the innocent smile of a stranger a simple positive message nested in my heart which I carried through the rest of the day.

In some cultures, a smile is considered a powerful pacifier to the nervous system. When we smile our parasympathetic nervous system overrides tension and stress.

The energy of smile carries a high vibration.  Your heart picks up energy of smile and quickly infuses its message on every cell as it pumps oxygenated blood around your body.

There are many simple gifts one can receive practicing conscious smile. In EEM we focus on Radiant Circuits and use energy of the smile to create inner peace and balance, and to experience a natural sense of joy.

Radiant Circuits can be compared to inner healers whose function is to regulate the flow of energy in meridians. When there is an unimpeded flow of energy through all the organs, tissues and cells it’s much easier to overcome everyday physical, mental and emotional challenges.

One of my favorite balancing techniques is the “smile meditation” I have learned from practicing chi gong. It helped me create a conscious connection with my inner organs and made me feel like there was a whole universe of relationships inside of me. Exploring those relationships opened me to deeper insights about life and my purpose.


If you would like to try, follow the simple steps listed below.


Tune into your 3rd eye and see happy, smiling energy reaching out to you. Breathe in and out. Feel the inner-embrace of your smile and direct its energy to your heart.

Hold your tongue at the soft pallet and smile to your yin organs (liver, pericardium, spleen, lungs and kidney) one by one according to the 5 elements cycle (see the list below).

Focus on your HEART

Lay your hands on your heart in the middle of the chest and slightly to the left. As you smile to your heart put a positive message inside it. For instance: forgiveness, joy, peace, appreciation, or gratitude. Make your heart peaceful, soft, and loving. Feel your lips smiling.

Smile to your yin organs in order:

HEART TO LIVER: With one hand on the heart and the other on the liver envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your liver on the right side of your body under the ribs. See your liver smiling back to your heart. Stay here for a few breaths.

HEART TO PERICARDIUM: With both hands on the heart envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to the pericardium (heart’s protective sac). The heart and pericardium are situated behind the sternum. Pericardium is considered a “coolant” to the heart, a protector of the heart. See your pericardium smiling back to your heart. Stay here for a few breaths. Enjoy the peace of the moment.

HEART TO SPLEEN:> With one hand on the heart and the other on the spleen envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your spleen on the left side of your body under the ribcage. See your spleen smiling back to your heart. Feel open and accepting of this inner connection. Hold your tongue at the soft pallet as your mouth holds a soft smile.

HEART TO LUNGS: With both hands flat across the upper chest envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your lungs. Breathe in and out tenderly seeing your lungs relax. As your lungs open up fully see them emanating the energy of smile to your heart. Heart and lungs are the closest neighbours among the yin organs. Peaceful breath, peaceful heart.

HEART TO KIDNEY (last step): With one hand on the heart and the other hand on the right kidney envision a beautiful, soft and gentle energy of smile reaching from your heart to your kidney on the right side of your back in line with your elbows. Take a few breaths. Feel the right kidney smile back to your heart. Switch hands. Send a smile from your heart to your left kidney (in line with your elbows and next to your spine). Send smile energy from your left kidney to your heart. Feel the gentleness of this moment. Take a few breaths.

End with both hands on your heart.  Keep a good message in its center. Feel embraced by love. Bathe your organs with gratitude. This is your inner universe. You are never alone. Feel the inner joy and strength. Feel your inner sanctuary.




Connecting Heaven and Earth – A Deeper Look

ONE of the most popular exercises in Energy Medicine as taught by Donna Eden has many more benefits than meets the eye. “Connecting Heaven and Earth” is an exercise that is simple to learn and simple to practice that promotes stretching and movement of energy through the joints. Donna believes it can help prevent arthritis.

Let’s take a deeper look into this whole-body practice.
If you have done the exercise already, then you’ll know that it is crucial to point the palm of one hand to the sky above (Heaven) and simultaneously point the palm of the other hand down to the Earth below.

As we do Connecting Heaven and Earth we mostly focus on the benefits of stretching but did you know that there is a very wise reason for the palms to be exposed to the forces above and below? These are the forces of Heaven and Earth. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the term ‘Heaven’ as it is simply a poetic name used to describe the cosmos or universe above and around us. Just imagine our beautiful planet floating, spinning, and rotating through space. Heaven is above our heads but also under our feet. We are immersed in energies of the universe day and night. It is a mighty force which holds us in space and is charging our batteries! Human beings receive a positive charge from the cosmos. We call this charge Yang. The negative charge enters the body from Earth through the soles of the feet. We call that negative charge Yin.
When we practice Connecting Heaven and Earth we are telling our body to open and receive Yin and Yang forces. The palm stretching up soaks in Yang (positive charge) energies from the cosmos and the palm facing down soaks in Yin (negative charge) energies form the Earth. As we stretch we are making space for stagnant energies to move out and release. We also exercise all of the meridians and replenish them with a positive and negative charges that will get circulated through the body to balance deficiencies and excess. The Liver and Spleen meridians benefit greatly from this exercise, yet Heart and Lung meridians get a good workout too. When we bend forward to hang like a rag doll our spine gets a nice stretch but also our Bladder meridian releases accumulated tension.

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EEM Foundations Program FINALLY coming to Atlantic Canada!

Finally, Finally, Finally WE DID IT!!!

One of the best programs in the field of Energy Medicine is making its debut in St John, New Brunswick this spring. Atlantic Canada has been waiting for many years to have its own EEM Foundations Classes. During the last four years, we have been trying to support local communities with quality energy education and ideas for balance and wellness in the Maritimes. This year students are finally getting to attend Foundations classes near home, which is so very beneficial. With minimal travel costs the program is more affordable. No jet lag to deal with, no exhaustion and no wasted time. For me, I get a great chance to travel to a beautiful part of Canada four times a year and share Donna’s most sought after ideas of healing. I can’t wait!
Sue Hooper, my assistant and the pioneering EEM practitioner from Hampton, NB put a lot of energy to help make things happen. She popularized Eden Energy Medicine in New Brunswick offering all kinds of classes and providing EEM sessions at Lifestyles Health and Wellness Centre. Sue will be the TA for our Foundations class this year. She is fun to work with and she has a beautiful way of sharing her knowledge and skills. As a Foundations student in Toronto four years ago, she is very aware of the hustle of travel, hotels, and being in a new city. It was our dream to bring Eden Energy Medicine Education closer to her home and give other people a chance to study with financial ease, joy and comfort. And now, in 2018 our dream has come true!

Tapping for Success

Energy Medicine is my specialty, and I believe it to be one of the most effective methods of rebalancing ones energy which leads to an overall improvement in your life. At em4all.com we want  to promote, discuss and experience all sorts of different healing modalities. One such modality is known as ‘Tapping.’ It’s also known as ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’, or EFT for short.  My colleague, Penny Norkett is a successful coach in this fascinating method and  she has created an online summit beginning March 12th. In a series of interviews  Penny  and her guests (myself included) discuss success stories and how the Tapping method can be used to enhance anyone’s journey towards success in all areas of life. Please join us for this inspiring and FREE summit. You can find out more information and sign up here!

Energy Medicine Study Evenings

 On Monday, the 26th of February 2018 we are starting our ‘Special Monday Series’ based on the most influential book on using energy to awaken healing processes in the body. I’ll be at Wonderworks, 25 Baldwin Street in Toronto Ontario.
In her book “Energy Medicine” Donna Eden describes nine energy systems that contribute to balance, strength, joy and wellness. Students will learn and practice most effective techniques that tap into the wisdom of the body and waken the TWO-MILLION-YEAR-OLD Healer within us.

Click here for more info! 

QEC2 is almost here!

The Quantum Energy Conclave 2 in Pyramid Valley India is almost here! Jump on a plane, train, or automobile and join us for what promises to be a spectacular weekend of Energy Medicine exploration.  The event runs from 26 to 28 Jan and I’ll also be running a post-conference workshop on the 29th. Here’s a sample of who will be speaking over the weekend: 
More Information on the Quantum Energy Conclave 2

See you there!

EEM Goes to India!

Happy 2018 Everyone!

The year is off to a wonderful start as I am happy and delighted to be representing Eden Energy Medicine at the Quantum Energy Conclave 2 in Bengaluru India from the 26th to the 28th of January. QEC2, as it’s known, is a 3 day gathering that will focus on the future of energy medicine and what it will mean to people and our planet! Donna Eden and David Feinstein will be broadcasting live from the United States while I will be there in person to assist with their lecture and deliver my own later that day. Over a dozen speakers are featured with the keynote address being given by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, who is also known as ‘Dr. Quantum.’ You may recognize him from the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

Bringing Eden Energy Medicine to India is sure to be one of the most exciting events of 2018 for me. Energy Medicine had changed my life and continues to make it better each and every day. All over the world EM is making a big impact as more and more people realize its benefits. Donna’s books and Energy Medicine classes are now available in many different countries.

“Energy is the body’s best medicine! It’s practical, it’s safe, it’s affordable and it can help you stay healthy and thrive in our fast-paced world. To tap its gifts, you need to learn the body’s language and how to keep its energy systems balanced.”

— Donna Eden



Donna Eden has developed a brilliant energy practice that teaches people how to manage energies to support health and balance on all levels. In her work she engages with nine energy systems and demonstrates how virtually anybody can be taught how to effectively untangle energetic disorganizations and lead their own body back to harmony and balance.

Her programs are designed to help people discover how to attune to their innate self-healing abilities and shows them how to guide their bodies and minds back to strength and vitality.

Practicing EEM techniques leads people to a fuller appreciation of their own life force. When you become in sync with your energies you can expect the quality of your life will expand in ways you never imagined! Mine certainly did, so I keep living EEM and love bringing it to people all over the world.

“It is easier than you might think to mobilize inner forces that enhance your health, empower your mind, and literally brighten your spirit.”

-Donna Eden

Here’s what we will be sharing at the QEC2 conference:

Outsmarting Disorganized Energy Habits with Eden Energy Medicine Techniques: Clearing, weaving, shifting, and linking brilliant force fields of health and balance.

In this presentation, students will get familiar with effective EEM techniques and energy testing to maintain all energy systems in fluid communication. They will recognize an important aspect of shifting old energetic habits to promote desired changes in health on different levels. We will tune into the Triple Warmer, and its incredible capacity and design to keep us alive, and we will start training it to keep us happy.
EEM offers many answers, provides guidance to find the root of a problem, and delivers the tools to create a shift. The Daily Energy Routine (DER) is an essential tool students will master.

Eden Energy Medicine: Beyond the Basics- Get to Know Your Own Healing Hands

Health is a vibrant process of energies in motion. Your hands and fingers are powerful energetic tools which are able to ignite changes in your physical body. They emit light and carry an electromagnetic force designed to keep your body in balance.
In this workshop students will engage in several hands-on experiences that activate inner forces of vitality, strength and resilience. They will discover effects of Radiant Circuits – the energies of joy and repair and the “Black Pearl Sanctuary” – the energies of inner peace and profound relaxation.
We will also explore the 9 energy systems that animate the body as described by Donna Eden in her book “Energy Medicine.”


When you Sit, Energy Sits with You!

One of the greatest threats to a healthy and vibrant life is too much sitting.  We sit for breakfast, and after the shortest possible trip to the car, we sit for a ride to work. Or maybe we sit on the subway every morning. Up a few flights of stairs or into an elevator we go, only to sit down a few moments later at our desk where we stay for the next 8 hours. Many of us who work from home don’t even get the benefit of the walk to the subway – as our office chair is calling from a room just a few feet away!

When you sit, energy sits with you. When you sit too long your energy stagnates and blood does not circulate very well. As a matter-of-fact I think sitting is the perfect prescription for aches and pains.

Your body was designed to move energy and blood easily – you need only move it to feel results. Movement supports the body to regulate itself through distributing energy-carrying blood all the way out to the tiniest of capillaries.

Walking, as an example, is the most natural exercise for human beings. When we walk, we release accumulated energy of the upper, mid and lower torso. This makes space for fresh energy to come in and rejuvenate and recalibrate the internal organs. Your cells depend on the unimpeded blood flow that brings fresh oxygen and nutrients and takes away the waste materials.

When our arms move up and down, front and back, side to side we regulate energy in the upper chest, which is home to the heart, lungs, and thymus. These organs don’t like pressure on them and need to work freely to avoid overheating and overcharging. Arm movements liberate congestion and tension from stressed muscles and the vital pericardium which is the hearts’ cooling system. The lungs in general can help cool the heart as well, but when stress and tension are present, they are not as effective in restoring balance in the chest area.

Gently twisting our joints is good! Our joints need to twist to help release toxins (like carbon dioxide) When we walk on an  uneven surface such as a hiking trail, we realign our ankles, knees and hip bones and bring them into communication with the rest of the skeletal system. Our feet need to bend and twist in different angles to realign the joints.

But walking isn’t the only way to effectively send energy throughout the body! Bending, shaking, squatting, squeezing, twisting and lunging – all crucial to bring energy in and out of the body!  Try Qigong,  or Yoga, or Tai Chi or belly dancing – these are all good ways to get that vital energy flowing, but you have to actually choose to do it and not just think about it!

The point is, your well-being depends on oxygen-rich blood circulating and not stagnating so MOVE  your body with light-heartedness and fun to improve your energy and your health!