Goodbye Geese!

As I write this post, Equinox is almost here. There's a sense of celebration in experiencing a moment when the forces of nature harmonize in perfect equilibrium...

The place I call home is just a few days away from a major shift in the dynamics of nature. The sky will become a bit darker, the air will become cooler at night and in the morning, the sun will emerge for just a few hours and play on my heart strings fooling me about summer not leaving…. Yet, as I tend to my gardens and prepare plants for survival, flocks of wild geese start to occupy the skies. For the next week, I’ll be like the official greeter, waving to them and sending them wishes of safe travels. It’s one of my little habits that makes me feel like I’ve got a direct line to the universe. While the geese likely pay no attention to my outstretched hands and well-wishing, there’s something about their flight that stirs within me a sense of release, serving as a gentle reminder that autumn sends us many hints reminding us to let go and embark on a cleansing journey.

As I write this post, Equinox is almost here. There’s a sense of celebration in experiencing a moment when the forces of nature harmonize in perfect equilibrium. It won’t last for long – in no time at all, the nights will stretch longer, prompting my body to crave even more sleep and rest. And I will listen to the cravings! 

Harvest time is a time of gratitude. Earth has been so generous offering her treasures like food, shelter, beauty, company, and everything beneath her soil. Oftentimes we forget what really holds us safe and secure. Earth is a home of plenty, of vitality, of mystery. Abundance comes from Earth.

Out in my meadow, I breathe the cool air and I realize my chest reacts to it. It feels the change. A nose is like a gate that welcomes the outside world inside of us. The season shifts me whether I want it to or not, and I have to follow. This is a special time to rethink what one deems essential and worth holding on to and what can simply be set free. My geese friends seem to be free –  high above the earth and they move in a precise direction, along an invisible path that leads them to a chance of survival until next spring. I wonder if I am prepared to leave behind some things, ideas, people, places and move on with a new season? 

To make this process easier I pay a lot of attention to my energies and focus on my breath, my lungs, my chest. I reach for root vegetables to get quality minerals for my body. I purify my digestive system of all foods that have no value. After years of practicing mindful eating my body stops cravings naturally. It totally stops wanting sugar treats and coffee. Maybe it won’t feel like consuming eggs or cheese.

There are some simple routines I follow during this time of the year, like my favorite exercise called “ Human Touching Divine”. It uses a prolonged ‘sssssss” breath considered to be most detoxifying. 

I also flush my Lung and Large Intestine meridians. If I’m feeling a bit of sadness I hold my left hand on my heart and I stretch my right hand to earth releasing the heavy feeling in my chest. I open my wings tracing my chest right to left and back as I twist my waist. When I can’t sleep I hold the top of my head with my left hand and gently push in my K1 points under my foot with the other. This redirects energies to Earth and clears my head. 

And when I need a friend, I invite someone I truly love for a walk through the woods with me.  I love watching leaves changing colors, harvesting goods from Earth and breathing in the new autumn aromas of fading plants and fallen leaves. A sense of gratitude fills my mind. I feel inspired and refreshed when I get home.
Nature has my back.

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