Fall in Love with Energy Medicine

Do you know your heart can multiply energy? When you feel LOVE you multiply LOVE!

Love manifests itself in nature and through nature. We are mirrors of nature, mirrors of beauty and mirrors of creativity.
There are different kinds of love like there are different kinds of fires.

Love finds a way to permeate through every cell in our body and touches us so deeply we can shift above our wounds, illnesses, beliefs and habits. Love is a renewal and a self-discovery. It is all over and everywhere. It recalibrates us. It connects us. It multiplies more love and more joy.

I have been teaching Eden Energy Medicine to many people through the world and the inspiring benefit that all students reap is the everlasting sense of LOVE and JOY that percolates and spills like a waterfall.

It changes the unchangeable.

Become a LOVER and multiply LOVE with us! It’s easy.

Love, Eva


Holiday Greetings to Everyone!

I love winter! The sound of snow crunching under my feet, fresh snowflakes falling on my face, cold air in my lungs, and delicate sunrays casting a beautiful glow on the surrounding nature.

I spend time hiking in the woods and observing wildlife. I admire the stamina of Ontario birds and the strength of the trees standing against the powerful winter winds and freezing temperatures.

With an awe in my heart over the beauty of life, and gratitude for my family, friends, mentors, students and clients, I wish everybody happiness, strength, and good health.

Love, Eva

EEM Foundations Class 3 in Kamloops

Growing stronger with every Foundations Class

After only two Eden Energy Medicine Classes, students of the Foundations Program begin to have a certain level of competence and cleverness in working with rare energy systems taught only in the practitioner training. In FP class #3, they’ll take a deep dive into the world of electrics, substance testing, irregular energies and Tibetan Energy Rings to name a few. They will experience the thrill of following energy through muscle testing to address PAIN and other discomforts. This is the time when their senses open up to pick up information from the body and to practice new techniques.

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Exploring the Art of Energy Therapy in Action

Some thoughts on a recent workshop held in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada

Meeting new people is always a unique experience as you never know who will show up in your life and what sort of energy they will bring. Part of the fun of teaching in towns and cities across Canada has been learning that just like a person, every community has something very unique about itself.

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Springtime in Toronto and Toronto Foundations Class

Our first weekend together in downtown Toronto

Have you ever noticed that in the spring, your energy seems to shift and almost overnight you find yourself more vibrant and in need to engage into something new? It almost feels like a steering within upward to the surface, then suddenly your blossom breaks through the ground. Just like in nature. That’s because natures’ energy is expanding with an abundance of energy. Spring is a wonderful time to flourish. Forget about New Year’s resolutions – it’s in the spring when our stamina increases and we feel like we want to burst out with brand new attitude. It’s during the spring when we feel the inner push to go forward with our visions and plans. It is so much easier to jump start anything when the forces of nature support us.

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Sacred Places and Their Supportive Communities:

A Beautiful Weekend Workshop in a Magical Part of Western Canada

On a 90-minute flight from Vancouver, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains took my breath away as our little plane descended towards a community hidden in the Bulkley Valley of British Columbia. It was the first week of April 2016, and I had been invited to teach Eden Energy Medicine, Qigong and other concepts of wellness and balance.

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