Aroma Bar Taster Evenings – Every Wednesday Evening at Wonderworks

Essential Oils Bring Pleasure to Life

Imagine you can smell a beautiful garden rose every single day, or take a bath that makes you feel like you’re in the French Alps relaxing in soft water infused by fresh lavender. Wake up feeling as if you’re in an orange grove. Pure essential oils carry the essence of plants right into your home. They are safe to use around children and by using them on a regular basis a precious atmosphere of peace and joy is created.

Essential oils can:

• relax you after a stressful day
• uplift your mood when you feel down
• rejuvenate your spirit
• bring clarity to your thoughts
• help you fall asleep
• assist in healing
• disinfect your home
• and much more

Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasurable practices of using essential oils to improve well-being and lifestyle. Starting Wednesday April 12th and running through May 31st, Rochelle Holt and Eva Gold invite you to join them each Wednesday to learn all about what Aromatherapy and essential oils have to offer.

Take your nose out for a whiff of ecstasy and indulge in pure aromas created by nature. You’ll learn how to properly mix oils, experiment with them, and gain an understanding of their benefits. We have been fans of essential oils for many years and have created a wonderful lifestyle using them every day. Now we want to share our aroma secrets so you too can have more pleasure in life. Visit our Custom Aromatherapy Bar this spring for our new Tasters Series. Give yourself an opportunity to try new things, experiment, play and feel the irresistible spirit of aromatherapy.

Meet Wonderworks Aromatherapy Bartenders Rochelle Holt, and Clinical Aromatherapist, Eva Gold. We promise to make your visit fun, informative, delicious and delightful!

Wednesday evenings starting April 12th 2017 to May 31st from 6pm-8pm

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