It’s cold outside, but no matter, I’m still going out…

Make friends with snow. Make friends with the cold. It takes only a few minutes to step outside and stretch, and you’ll go back in feeling refreshed and more alive.

As you inhale, slowly stretch to the right and hold the pose.  Exhale as you come back to the center. Then, inhale and  stretch the opposite way. Repeat  as many times as you wish. Your body will be really thankful for this little gift of a stretch. 

If you’re courageous, make the snow your bed for a few minutes. Find a clean snow-fluffy place and lie down. Take a few deep breaths. Expand the belly as you breathe in, and allow it to fall as you exhale. Relax your legs and let your feet freely drop to each side. When ready, take both your arms and squeeze your knees close to your chest. Breathe in and out, slowly, evenly. Feel the stretch of your spine and sacrum. Go to the next position and hold one knee close to your chest but stretch the opposite leg and arm all the way up. Feel your joints opening. Look up at your palm and see how much you are able to elongate your limbs. Hold for as long as you are comfortable. Don’t let yourself get too cold!  Repeat on the other side.

***Do not do this exercise if you feel unsafe in the snow. You can do it at home on your own bed if that makes you feel better. The most important thing is to move and stretch your body every day, especially during these long winter months.***

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