Exploring the Art of Energy Therapy in Action

Some thoughts on a recent workshop held in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada

Meeting new people is always a unique experience as you never know who will show up in your life and what sort of energy they will bring. Part of the fun of teaching in towns and cities across Canada has been learning that just like a person, every community has something very unique about itself.

During my recent trip to teach in St. John, New Brunswick Canada, I discovered that we can actually run a whole weekend of Energy Medicine laughing continuously from the moment we start to the moment we part. We had so much fun using the energy of joy we almost forgot that we had gathered to learn! The workshop was held at a lovely art studio belonging to the Hooper family. Big windows allowed a glorious amount of light to come in. Through the windows we could see treetops swinging in the wind, and a bright blue sky covered with fluffy white clouds. The climate in New Brunswick can be on the gray side in the beginning of May but we were lucky on this particular weekend and also got to do some practice outside, bathing in the warm spring sun.

Liberated from pressures of modern life we took time to feel energies around us. Not only could we feel the energy, but by the end of day one everybody was able to see the threads of energy coming out of their fingertips, some in multiple colors. Once you see such sight you never doubt your own energy skills. It is mesmerizing and magical yet so simple to observe and use, and is an instant reminder that we are in fact, beings of light.

Humans need all kinds of energies to function in balance. It matters what you eat, it matters how you feel, it matters how much energy from the sun penetrates your body every day, and it also matter how well you rest. It’s also really important to be aware of how much energy you accumulate and how much you let go of to replenish yourself with the earth force. The energetic systems that support us continuously manage energetic deficiencies and excesses in our body. Sometimes however we need to help our body to release accumulated stresses and open ourselves to pull in the healing force.

With this concept in mind we practiced “Expelling the Venom,” “Taking Down the Flame,” “Connecting Heaven and Earth,” ”The Celtic Weave” as well as flushing our meridians. We went through a deep practice of using sounds for clearing emotions from our organs and we also engaged in a Qigong routine for longevity and an immune system boost. We gave each other hands-on treatments to experience the depth of energy work. Every one of the participants discovered something special about their energetic habits that need to change in order to function on a higher capacity. After they were shown methods of self- testing it was easy to figure out what their body needs to simply feel better. I am curious now how many of the new students will continue practicing EEM, one of the most friendly and easy to learn ideas of self- care and self- help so beautifully designed by Donna Eden over 30 years ago.

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