Springtime in Toronto and Toronto Foundations Class

Our first weekend together in downtown Toronto

Have you ever noticed that in the spring, your energy seems to shift and almost overnight you find yourself more vibrant and in need to engage into something new? It almost feels like a steering within upward to the surface, then suddenly your blossom breaks through the ground. Just like in nature. That’s because natures’ energy is expanding with an abundance of energy. Spring is a wonderful time to flourish. Forget about New Year’s resolutions – it’s in the spring when our stamina increases and we feel like we want to burst out with brand new attitude. It’s during the spring when we feel the inner push to go forward with our visions and plans. It is so much easier to jump start anything when the forces of nature support us.

The first 2016 EEM Foundations class in Toronto felt just like spring. Students were curious and excited. They loved hands-on experience under the direct supervision of an experienced teacher with an eye for detail. After our first weekend together, I felt proud of my students. Their hearts and minds were present during the class, and they were all so open to discover the power of their hands, creating a lovely flow. The first class is always a mystery for both student and instructor as to what kind of training and experience of each person has and indeed, what each person will be like.

Students come from so many different backgrounds and professions and I think no other activity can unite them together better than practicing energy medicine. Except maybe mingling in a dog park. In any given dog park or EM class we can have nurses, artists, chemists, economists, ecologists, police officers, psychotherapists, investors, writers and other therapy specialists. Our professions do not define us however.

We can walk barefoot over fresh green grass, grounding us to the Earth. We can stand against trees and hook up to feel the power that runs through our centers and refreshes our physical bodies. By tracing our meridians under the blue sky and feeling energy circulating through our limbs as we “connect Heaven and Earth” we unite the healing forces of nature into our bodies which actually become like batteries holding a positive and negative charge. We are fully alive experiencing the magic of subtle vibrations.

We gather in Foundations classes to discover what unites us, what makes us human, and what animates us to be what we were designed to be. We focus on balance and wellness. We focus on being our unique selves, expressing our deepest drive for living a joyful and meaningful life with purpose. We learn how to start loving our bodies and taking care of ourselves consciously. We learn the language our body speaks to us. We learn to observe, hear and attune to our own rhythms but also we learn things we do not even know we need to know.

It doesn’t take long to recognize how powerful energy work is. In our downtown Toronto Foundations class, after just one weekend the students are already developing the skills to discover their ‘new normal’. This allows them to reap the benefits garnered from the simple awareness that the human body is fully connected to the forces of this vast universe and that, is magnificent!

Being together and sharing our observations with each other helps us to understand that all the sensations and vibrations are real experiences of energy manifesting in the muscles, bones, and organs. We can feel the internal smile as we come to the understanding that energy medicine changes us forever

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