Sacred Places and Their Supportive Communities:

A Beautiful Weekend Workshop in a Magical Part of Western Canada

On a 90-minute flight from Vancouver, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains took my breath away as our little plane descended towards a community hidden in the Bulkley Valley of British Columbia. It was the first week of April 2016, and I had been invited to teach Eden Energy Medicine, Qigong and other concepts of wellness and balance.

To live in this beautiful part of the country is to experience Canada at its best – crisp, fresh air fills your lungs with pure energy and vibrant colors offer a visual treat beyond compare. Observing wildlife is as common as stretching first thing in the morning. On one day alone for example, I saw Moose prancing through the meadow, carefree bears strolling in the distance, rabbits at play, and beautiful eagles soaring about the sky while mountain bluebirds competed with swallows for the best real estate to build their nests.

But living here is not without its challenges: the northern climate alone is something to be overcome and in my opinion the people who endure it year in and year out are truly heroes! From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed the weather can, and will, change several times. It’s like a dance. From high winds and quick moving clouds, to deep cold for a few hours followed by stunning sunshine and then sharp, biting rain. Despite the weather, this pristine beauty is nestled far away from the fast-paced modern living many of us are accustomed to, and here people live by invincible bonds of compassion, respect and gratitude. They are resourceful, practical and incredibly creative. Community spirit is such an important force that keeps the rhythm of harmony in the valley. Sharing ideas, wisdom and resources is part of their tradition and I was so deeply touched by this amazing community.

What I find remarkable about teaching energy work is that I’m always learning: I learn what’s going on within my own body and new discoveries and concepts evolve based on what my students’ experience. Overlooking a stunning lake with the mountains as our backdrop, we gathered together in a little community center to share and learn skills of emotional transformation, mental clarity, and physical vitality. Over the weekend we observed, tested, and listened to our bodies and we noted changes brought about by energy practice.

Some of the techniques and exercises allowed us to really feel the buzzing energy within. We felt like pure energy, and of course that’s because we are! We learned the mechanisms of repair, how to ground ourselves to our beautiful earth and how to recharge our bio-batteries. The processes we explored gave us the ability to tap into our deeper potential for restoring health every day with the support of energy exercises and techniques which bring balance and harmony to our bodies and our lives.

Before wrapping the weekend up, we sent good messages to our very own hearts to create and multiply love, joy, and peace in ourselves and our friends.I felt so privileged to share Energy Medicine and Qigong with the participants of this lovely workshop. It was hard to leave the Bulkley Valley with its extraordinary beauty and loving community. But I can smile, knowing that these skills will change peoples’ lives for the best, and I can smile, knowing I will return to th

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